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Turquoise Paneled Wall


Will 100% Neutral Carbon Energy would ever be achieved, I wonder 


I am a final year student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NIT, Surat, India, have a specific interest in renewable energy ​and climate control and mitigation techniques.

Recently, I completed a year-long assistantship under Dr Bade Mukund in the Mechanical department of NIT, Surat. This year-long exposure helps me develop my method, data analysis, and research techniques. I worked on algorithms of clustering, understanding the building energy usage, and laid down the improvement in drying.

 My bachelor's internship at the Center of Energy Department, IIT, Varanasi under Dr S. K Shukla on the topic of 'Thermal heat battery design '. I also worked on the analysis of a solar chimney by studying its parameters through Ansys-fluent in Online internship under Dr Vipul Patel.

My Bachelor thesis based on modelling and design of solar-powered drying, which has auxiliary components such as a desiccant bed for drying of agricultural products. I am looking to improve my skills in renewable energy development.​

Some cool photos from my undergraduate days at NIT Surat, India:

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